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The 10 principles of AO success

John Roberts, CEO of is one of our keynotes for Customer Contact Expo 2016. Read More

The Live Neuromarketing Experiment [Infographic]

Learn about 8 neuro-principles to create powerful emotional experiences Read More

Will A.I. take over call centres?

Short answer is yes, but not to replace people... Read More

Mapping the perfect recipe for customer experience excellence – food for thought

How can you ensure your customers go away with a feeling of having received a fantastic service experience? Not once, but after each and every contact they have with you? Read More

Is your contact centre safe from the ‘Ethical Hacker’?

Ralph Echemendia the 'Ethical Hacker' is coming to Customer Contact Expo. How safe is your customer data? Read More

How House of Fraser are improving customer satisfaction with web chat

Customer Contact Expo speaker Stephen Brennan, Contact Centre Support Services Manager for House of Fraser, discusses how they optimised their real-time customer engagement strategy to meet their business and client needs. Read More

Dave Coplin: Why our A.I. future still needs humans

Dave Copin explains how our lives are about to collide with Artificial Intelligence, so we need to get ready for humans and machines co-existing. Read More

Don’t be great, be stunning: How to improve your customer service

The quality of customer service across organisations is varied; from poor to stunning and everything in between. If you’re still on the journey to delivering stunning customer service, here’s a few tips to help you get there. Read More

10 steps to creating an UBER customer service culture

How can you create an UBER customer service culture? Well, it obviously varies from business to business, but here are 10 things you need to consider. Read More

How a social media strategy can improve CX within the public sector

Here's how implementing a social media strategy can revolutionise customer experience within the public sector. Read More

4 Steps to Delivering Omnichannel Customer Experience [Download]

Download this guide today to explore the 4 step approach to building a contact centre that does not require ‘rip and replace’, or expensive systems integration. Read More

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4 Steps to Delivering Omnichannel Customer Experience [Download]

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