Eoin Power

TalkTalk’s success story: Implementing Natural Language Call Steering (NLCS) into their IVR

Eoin Power, 23rd January 2015

Eoin Power describes how TalkTalk moved away from IVR to NCLS.
Comments like the above are probably very familiar to anyone looking to use new technology to improve the experience of your customers. The subject of speech recognition is something we had long flirted with in TalkTalk and in 2013 we finally dived into implementing Natural Language Call Steering (NLCS) in our IVR.

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Scott Collen

Case study: How Gumtree deals with their customer support requests

Scott Collen, 23rd January 2015

Technology deals with 30% of Gumtree’s support requests.
Gumtree is the UK’s #1 online service for local community classifieds receiving around 8 million visits a month (around 17.9% of the UK market).
They’ve really narrowed in on the what the user wants to do – Post an ad. Everything else stems from there, and that includes the problems.

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Cormac Twomey

Are contact centres about to enter a new era of real-time analytics?

Cormac Twomey, 16th January 2015

Cormac Twomey demonstrates how analytics has passed through three distinct phases when it comes to customer management, and how we are now entering the fourth phase.
In recent years, the contact centre has evolved to become the main point of contact for most businesses, whatever channel the customer chooses. With the rise of digital media, customers can easily compare which companies are providing exactly what service, for exactly what price, giving them more information, and power, than ever before.

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Matt Phil Carver

Working in a call centre: the required skills

Matt Phil Carver, 13th January 2015

Gone are the days when working in a call centre was considered easy. Call centre advisors now need a broad range of skills to prosper in a fast-paced and demanding environment.
There was once a time when working in a call centre was perceived to be no more difficult than reading corporate spiel from a script and drinking tea. Modern call centres though have evolved to become the tip of the customer service spear and are now populated by highly trained, quick-thinking, fast-typing professionals.

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Justin Robbins

2014: A Year in Review

Justin Robbins, 9th January 2015

A year in review by Justin Robbins, Senior Analyst at ICMI.
I’m not sure how 2014 went from your perspective, but here at ICMI we were witness to many amazing things over the course of the past 12 months. As a tribute to the year behind us and, in preparation for the year ahead, here are a few of my favorite moments from the past year:

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Scott Collen

Customer education: Who’s best at it?

Scott Collen, 9th January 2015

Getting your customer to understand how to use your online service is really important. REALLY IMPORTANT.
Never before has a customer been a track-pad flick away from never using your site again or even hitting twitter to bitch about you.
This cross-departmental problem requires a joined up approach from the teams doing onboarding (proactive customer education) and customer service (reactive customer education).

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Emilie Oliveira

Video: bpha comes fourth in the Top 50 Best Overall for Social Media Category in 2014

Emilie Oliveira, 2nd January 2015

bpha came 4th for Best Overall for Social Media at the Top 50 Companies for Customer Service 2014 gala dinner which took place in October last year.
Adam Gould and Caitlin Jenkins from bpha spoke to us about how it felt for them and their team to come 4th in the Best Overall for Social Media category at the Top 50 gala dinner in October last year.

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