Mike Morrison

What makes an award winning team, project or contact centre operation?

Mike Morrison, 28th July 2016

What is it, according to judges of contact centre industry awards, that makes an award winning team, project or contact centre operation?

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Domenico Crapanzano

Providing digital tech support for the connected consumer

Domenico Crapanzano, 26th July 2016

A connected consumer would rather endure anything than to go a day without broadband. So, how can you provide a high enough level of digital tech support?

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Mike Morrison

Registration for Customer Contact Expo is now open

Mike Morrison, 22nd July 2016

Customer Contact Expo (CCE) helps you to drive customer experience in your contact centre by showcasing the best in technology, people and training solutions. Registration is now open with CCE taking place on Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th September 2016 at Olympia London. 5 WAYS CUSTOMER CONTACT EXPO CAN HELP YOU Source new products and services Over 150 suppliers covering every angle of the contact centre...

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Katy Forsyth

Recruitment advice: How your contact centre can attract millennials

Katy Forsyth, 19th July 2016

Over the past 20 years, there have been many changes and challenges within contact centre recruitment. So, how should you be attracting millennials in 2016?

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Susannah Richardson

The future of digital self-service

Susannah Richardson, 14th July 2016

Digital self-service is evolving on a daily basis. Is it now time for the contact centre to embrace self-service as a part of their omni-channel strategy?

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Hannah Brewer

Top 5 unexpected tips for better call centre workforce management

Hannah Brewer, 14th July 2016

Workforce management is vital for any contact centre looking to optimise their staff planning. Here are the top 5 unexpected tips from industry experts.

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Mike Morrison

How the ECCCSA judging works

Mike Morrison, 13th July 2016

This year’s European Contact Centre and Customer Service Awards have an even more robust judging process than before. It brings an already first class and credible awards programme into the very top division. Round 1 - The Entry The first round of judging is carried out entirely online allowing nominating organisations to work on their submissions 24/7 and to keep...

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