Call Centre

Social customer care: Trends and best practices for the contact centre

Call Centre, 24th April 2015

In order to assist you in building and implementing a social media customer service strategy, Vocalcom have produced a useful download.

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Luke Porter

ECCCSA 2015 finalists demonstrate real innovation in social customer service

Luke Porter, 14th April 2015

Luke Porter outlines some of the really impressive innovations that were witnesses form leading social customer service brands in the #ECCCSA15 judging stages

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Curtis Nash

Counting the costs of a contact centre data breach (and how to minimise your risks)

Curtis Nash, 9th April 2015

By taking a proactive approach you can eliminate over 70% (Ponemon Institute) of the potential causes of a data breach in your contact centre

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Nick Stein

Are you ready for the digital customer?

Nick Stein, 2nd April 2015

This year we will see further impetus in the uptake of digital communication – across devices and platforms.

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Kieran Proverbs

Are contact centres ready to take advantage of the Budget?

Kieran Proverbs, 27th March 2015

With the Parliamentary Elections gathering pace in the UK, last week’s Chancellor’s 2015 Budget had some good news for the contact centre industry that may have gone unnoticed.

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Naomi Bull

Discovering the benefits of benchmarking workshop

Naomi Bull, 23rd March 2015

Discovering the benefits of benchmarking workshop

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Jonathan Eungblut

European Contact Centre & Customer Service Awards (ECCCSA) 2015 Twitter Judging Q&A

Jonathan Eungblut, 20th March 2015

With the ECCCSA 2015 finalists announced and the judging stage just around the corner, on 13th March the team decided to take to Twitter for a Judging Q&A session

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