Video: Delivering excellent customer service with

What are doing in their Contact Centre which helps them deliver such brilliant customer service and how have Interactive Intelligence helped achieved such success?

Watch the video to find out how have partnered with Interactive Intelligence to deliver excellent customer service every time. was awarded Best Retailer for 2015 at Verdict’s Customer Satisfaction Awards. In this video you will hear from industry leaders; David Atherton, Head of Customer Service & David Wilson, Head of IT Services at about how they have implemented the latest technologies in order provide a complete customer journey.

You can also catch John Roberts, CEO of in the Customer Contact Conference Theatre 2, with his keynote speech in which he will outline the 10 underlying principles that the business is founded upon and its dedication to putting the customer first.

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Video: How to draw your customer experience

To build a more customer-centric organisation, keep it simple and draw your shared vision of the future customer experience.

In this video Alex Wright and Anno Mitchell from Friday describe how to create a picture of a better customer experience, a process which encourages your whole organisation to focus on the customer.


Download the Customer Experience Blueprint

Having one picture is simple mechanism for the whole organisation to orient around the customer and to keep pace with rapidly changing expectations.

“Start with a single customer journey, which shows the whole lifecycle of a customer need.” says Anno Mitchell “The journey shows handover points between self-service bookings and other information. It is an idealised vision of the customer experience, but by bringing them all together it makes clear that a lot of integration is required.” say Anno Mitchell.

Video: bpha comes fourth in the Top 50 Best Overall for Social Media Category in 2014

bpha came 4th for Best Overall for Social Media at the Top 50 Companies for Customer Service 2014 gala dinner which took place in October last year.

Adam Gould and Caitlin Jenkins from bpha spoke to us about how it felt for them and their team to come 4th in the Best Overall for Social Media category at the Top 50 gala dinner in October last year.

Caitlin says “as social media users we all understand how things can be misinterpreted, and how emotions can be displayed, but we will discuss between ourselves the best way to react, and having a lot of personal experiences in social media we all feel that along with our customer service advisor training we are well equipped to answer the queries and help people the best way we can through Facebook, Twitter or whatever media they are using.”

View the video below for the full interview.
For more information about the Top 50 programme please click here.

Video: Dignity Caring Funeral Services’ journey from 2009 to winning the Best Overall for Email category

Dignity Caring Funeral Services’ won the Best Overall for Email category at the Top 50 Companies for Customer Service 2014 gala dinner.

Sue Oakes and Sarah Chilson from Dignity Caring Funeral Services shared with us how it felt for them and their team to win the Best Overall for Email category at the Top 50 gala dinner earlier this year.

Sue says “We respond to our customers within 1 hour of their email hitting our email box and I think that is quite a powerful message to give everybody that we respond very quickly.

Sue goes on to say that when they joined the Top 50 programme back in 2009 they did not even make the Top 50 and now looking at what they have achieved has been incredible.

Sarah talks about their journey saying that “It’s amazing really where we have come now to where we were when we first started. It’s just amazing!

View the video below for the full interview.

Video: QVC wins the Top 50 Best Overall for Social Media Category

QVC won the Best Overall for Social Media category at the Top 50 Companies for Customer Service 2014 gala dinner.

James Byrne and Amy Foster from QVC spoke to us about how it felt for them and their team to move from 9th place in 2013 to winning best overall for social media category at the Top 50 gala dinner earlier this year.

James goes one to say that “we have a dedicated social media team within QVC that operates from 10 in the morning to 8 in the evening over 7 days a week. They are fully skilled and fully trained and quite friendly and customer focused people. This means a great deal for me and its great recognition for the guys on the floor who deal with customers day to day.”

View the video below for the full interview.

Video: How has recruiting the right staff changed for you over the last 12-18 months?

Employers are seeing a shift in recruiting the right staff over the last 18 months from being employer-driven to an employee-driven process.

In this video Sharon How, National Telesales Manager at Barbour ABI spoke to us at Customer Contact Expo 2014 about how recruiting the right staff has changed.

She goes on to say “what we have seen in the last 12-18 months which I think will continue as the rest of the economy picks up is more of an employee decision making process. Employees are going to be more choosey, and have more options open to them. Employers are going to have to work harder to get the right candidate to them.”

Sharon also talks about sales operations and the need to make sure that we really understand what measures we need to put in place in order to make our businesses successful.

Click on the video below to view the full interview.

Deliver your customer service with a local accent

Deliver a local accent to your customers no matter where you operate.

We took the time at Customer Contact Expo 2014 to speak to Jacob Munns, CEO at Perfect Pitch. Jacob gave us a great insight in to the benefits of how to deliver your customer service with a local accent from offshore contact centres using their latest technology.

Jacob goes on to say that “ our technology is a sound board type technology that’s all keyboard activated, the agent can never say something that is of script. It’s always on task on script. If I called your phone today using the software you would not know the difference between what we are doing with the software and the interaction you are having.”

Hear from American Express, winners of the Top 50 Best in Medium Contact Centre Category

American Express comes top for the Best in Medium Contact Centre category at the Top 50 Companies for Customer Service 2014

We spoke to Karen Cleaver and Marline Laudan from American Express about how it felt for them and their team to win the Best in Medium Contact Centre category at the Top 50 gala dinner earlier  this year.

Marline goes onto say “We’ve got 230 customer care professionals who give absolutely everything they’ve got, everything single day, and we know it’s a very very hard job they’ve got but equally it’s a rewarding one.”

View the video below for the full interview

Find out more about the Top 50

Reasons to move to a hosted contact centre in the cloud

Become a more efficient and scalable hosted contact centre in the cloud

Adam Johnson, Business Development Manager at Voxbone chats to us about the benefits you get from moving your cloud contact centre from the old model whereby you owned the equipment and data centres to having them hosted by other companies.

Adam says that by moving to a hosted cloud contact centre you will become “a cheaper contact centre, a more efficient and scalable contact centre without investing a bunch of money up front.”


[Video] Challenges and tops tips for choosing the right cloud solution

We caught up with Jason Roos, Chief Executive Officer, Cirrus at Customer Contact Expo to discuss all things cloud.

“It’s getting very difficult for customers to cut through the noise,” says Jason. “The key differentiator for a cloud contact centre vendor is how much flexibility is a customer going to have once they have made their choice.”

Challenges include a limited capability to bolt in additional features that their business didn’t need at the time of making their choice.

Top tip when choosing a vendor: Ask yourself, will the solution be flexible enough to service my needs for the time that I am going to have this product?

Watch our interview with Jason here:

Why is compliance such a minefield in the contact centre industry?

Dick Bourke, Director of Scorebuddy, spoke to us at Customer Contact Expo about some of the reasons organisations are finding compliance so difficult to navigate.

“The FCA, and so on, the different governing bodies are imposing stricter compliance guidelines on them – how they treat their customer, the way they treat them fairly, etc,” says Dick.

Breaches in compliance could be anything from consumer protection code, discrimination, data protection to financial regulation which could result in high fines for these organisations and can be quite substantial. It is therefore very important that organisations track breaches and report on them properly.

Watch our interview with Scorebuddy here.

“Marketing and Customer Service Departments are beginning to reach out to each other”

We spoke to Luke Brynely-Jones of Our Social Times at Customer Contact Expo about trends and challenges when dealing with social for customer service.

Luke Brynley-Jones is Founder and CEO of social media Agency, Our Social Times. At the Customer Contact Expo 2014, Luke spoke to us about the trends he is seeing in the social care sector and advised on how to manage them.

Dave Paulding chats to us at Customer Contact Expo 14

“The term ‘the virtual contact expo’ is being abused,” warns Dave Paulding.

Dave Paulding, EMEA Regional Sales Director, Interactive Intelligence, suggests that the cloud is a better option for the longevity of the operation.

Jason Stanton forecasts the industry’s 2015 outlook

“Knowing more about your customers is going to be more important than ever in 2015”

Jason Stanton, Head of Guest Experience at Odeon speaks to us about his vision for the industry in 2015, the importance of efficiency and warns his industry colleagues to not forget about the people in 2015.

The European Contact Centre and Customer Service Awards are back!

We are delighted to announce that the ECCCSA’s are back for another year, and we have an early Christmas present for you.

I can’t believe that it is that time of the year again, I’m so excited to be back at Old Billingsgate – 2014 was such an amazing year for the ECCCSA’s and we know that 2015 will be even better! It really is the Oscars of the industry and I hope to see even more of the industry entering – join us to prove you are the best of the best.

We have 23 categories for you to get your teeth into. New categories such as Medium Contact Centre and Customer Service Training Program of the Year as well as old favourites such as Rising Star, Customer Service Professional of the Year, and Best Social Media in Customer Service, mean that there really is something for everyone. It’s easier than ever to enter – just register here and get writing!

2014’s event was an amazing evening with over 900 people attending on a balmy summer’s evening at Old Billingsgate in the heart of the City of London. The evening was presented by the hilarious Kevin Bridges and we are already looking for 2015 host – any suggestions?? We are delighted to announce that we will be returning to Old Billingsgate for 2015 – here hoping that we get the same weather!

Key dates

Open for entries – 12th September
Entries Deadline – 9th February
Finalists Announcement – the week commencing 23rd February
Finalist Judging – the week commencing 23rd March
Gala Dinner – 10th June

As for your Christmas present

As an incentive, we are happy to offer you a Christmas present – register, submit and pay for your entry by December 31st and you will receive £50 off each entry. You can always go back in and amend your entry right up until the 9th February, it’s a no brainer!

European Call Centre & Customer Service Awards 2014 highlights

We look forward to seeing those entries! If you have any questions please call me on 0207 234 8731 or email at and we will be happy to help!

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