#CustomerService100 finalists announced!

Lara Doyle by
4th April 2013

 Congratulations to all nominees who made it onto the final #CustomerService100 list!

This list of 100 twitter handles represents the best of the best tweeting about customer service as nominated by you and scrutinized by our panel of judges. This fantastic list of top influences in the customer service arena entertain, educate and help to promote the industry. If you’re not yet following them, make sure you do now!


Shep Hyken

Shep Hyken is a Customer Experience Expert and the Chief Amazement Officer of Shepard Presentations. He is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author and has been inducted into the National Speakers Association Hall of Fame for lifetime achievement in the speaking profession. Shep works with companies and organisations who want to build loyal relationships with their customers and employees.


Flavio Martins

Flavio Martins is Vice President of Customer Support at DigiCert, Inc. He is passionate about developing, managing, and delivering great customer service, creating unique customer experiences and managing efficient, cost-effective customer service and technical support teams. In his own words, he is “on a mission to end bad service. Great customer service is easy, and successful businesses are finding that it’s the real key to creating long term loyalty and success.”


Greg Levin

Greg Levin is Founder of Off Center, an unconventional blog about customer contact insight. He is the former Editor of ICMI’s Service Level Newsletter and its follow-up journal Call Center Management Review. Greg has been researching, reporting on and satirising contact centres and customer care since 1994 and he is known for his unique sense of humour, sharp wit and bold opinions about the state of customer contact management.


Margerita de Miranda

Margerita de Miranda is the Facilitator and Owner of MardeMir. She is a customer and service centric facilitator with a broad experience in aligning corporate strategies and service, focused on internal and external customers. She is specialised in turning strategies into training and personal development programs to accomplish corporate goals.


Colin Taylor

Colin Taylor is Chief Executive Officer and Chief Chaos Officer of the Taylor Reach Group, Inc. An author and frequent speaker on all aspects of delivering exceptional customer service, Colin has blazed a trail of innovation and success through the customer interaction industry ever since he answered his first customer call some 30 years ago for a Toronto-based service agency. Among his many accolades he is recognised as one of Canada’s leading contact centre experts and he is also a founder and past chair of the Contact/Call Center Council and a past Director of the CMA.


Dr Nicola Millard

Dr Nicola Millard is a Customer Experience Futurologist at BT where she has been for the past 22 years. Nicola’s work combines psychology with futurology to try and anticipate what might be lying around the corner for both customers and organisations. Nicola enjoys challenging conventional business thinking, from the way contact centres are managed to the ways in which people work.


Colin Shaw

Colin Shaw is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Beyond Philosophy and he is a pioneer in the field of customer experience, helping to shape the customer experience industry. Prior to launching Beyond Philosophy, Colin held a number of senior executive positions including Xerox, Mars and British Telecom where he was ultimately appointed Senior Vice President of Customer Experience and led a team of 3,500 employees worldwide. Colin is a renowned, international best-selling author and an accomplished conference speaker, who inspires organisations to focus on their customers.


Jeanne Bliss

Jeanne Bliss is a Customer Experience Expert and President of CustomerBLISS, an international consulting business where she coaches executive leadership teams and customer leadership executives on how to put customer profitability at the centre of their business. Jeanne developed her passion for customer loyalty at Lands’ End, Inc., where she reported to the company’s founder and executive committee as leader for the Lands’ End customer experience and she now has over 30 years experience in the industry. Jeanne is also the author of two internationally best-selling books on customer loyalty.


Stuart Clarke

Stuart Clarke is EMEA Lead Team Manager at Interactive Intelligence. Customer service is at the heart of his working life and he has been working in the contact centre and technology industry for the past decade. Stuart believes that delivering great customer service is a state of mind – you either want to do it, or you don’t. Stuart shares the enthusiasm and passion of the hundreds of contact centre professionals he speaks to every month who believe absolutely in doing the best they can for their customers.


Lisa Ford

Lisa Ford has over 20 years experience as an international speaker on topics such as customer service, leadership, team issues and change. Her video tape series, How to Give Exceptional Customer Service has been a number one best-seller in the US for three years. In 2002, Lisa was inducted into the Speakers Hall of Fame by the National Speakers Association. She is one of 140 speakers who have been honoured over 30 years. She also serves a Board Member of the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Tennessee.


Bart de craene

Bart de craene is Customer Experience and Operational Excellence Manager at Waters Global Services Europe. Apart from being a Dad of two wonderful kids, husband to a fantastic wife, runner and bass player he is also a Customer Experience advocate. Bart also runs the Customer Service Insights tumblelog, a curatation of content complemented with personal views on customer service, customer experience, strategy and leadership.


James Hiller

James Hiller is a Corporate Account Executive at Conversocial. He started his career as a customer service advisor for the RBS Group and this early introduction to customer contact instilled in him a passion for customer service excellence. His ambition is to help customer service teams provide outstanding levels of service across their social channels by providing his clients with tools, training and best practice advice.


Anthony Thomas

Anthony Thomas is a Product Specialist for Conversocial. Working with a company which specialises in customer service software and supporting the end-user with their technical and knowledge-based enquiries, Anthony has first hand and frontline experience providing excellent customer service. In keeping with the fast-paced nature of social media, Anthony regularly shares statistics, news and links to interesting content regarding developments in social customer service via twitter.


Paul Greenberg

Paul Greenberg (aka ‘the godfather of CRM’)  is considered a thought leader in CRM, having been published in numerous industry and business publications over the years and having travelled the world speaking on cutting edge CRM and topics geared to the contemporary social customer. He is Executive Vice President of the CRM Association, Chairman of the Advisory Committee of the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management CRM Centre of Excellence and the Managing Principal of The 56 Group, LLC, a customer strategy consulting firm.


Adrian Swinscoe

Adrian Swinscoe is a Business Adviser and Coach who has been growing and developing customer-focused large and small businesses for 20 years, in particular how they engage with their customers, build their customer retention and improve service. Adrian’s driving passion is to help create, develop and grow businesses that take care of their customers in the best way possible and create great teams to deliver that.


Bill Quiseng

Bill Quiseng is a blogger and award-winning writer in the areas of customer service for front-line associates and customer service leadership for managers. He has over thirty years of luxury resort/club management experience. Bill’s personal achievements include receiving the Marriott International Spirit to Serve Award, Renaissance Hotels General Manager of the Year, Marriott International Leadership Excellence and Sales Excellence Awards, Petoskey Chamber of Commerce Mission Award and the American Hotel & Motel Association Pearson Award for Excellence in Lodging Journalism.


Bob Thompson

Bob Thompson is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of CustomerThink. He has two decades of experience in customer-facing roles, in sales, technical support, consulting and executive positions. Bob also has another 15 years of experience in customer management consulting, research and online community development. His goal is to harness the collective intelligence of customer-centric thought leaders to help business leaders understand how to create mutually beneficial customer relationships.


Roy Atkinson

Roy Atkinson is a Support and Service Industry Analyst and Writer. He currently provides content for UBM Tech’s HDI site and by trade, he has been a technical support front-line tech and manager for the past 14 years and he is an active participant in HDI programmes. On the side he blogs about his passion for customer service excellence.


Russel Lolacher

Russel Lolacher is a Web and Social Media Director at BC Ministry of Transportation, a blogger, social strategist and professional Speaker. In his ‘spare time’ he writes and administrates his blog The Upsell, where he takes a look at customer service – the good, the bad, and the barely noticeable. He also co-hosts a weekly YouTube show called Getting Engaged – Online, in Life and at Work.


Annette Franz (Gleneicki)

Annette Franz Gleneicki is a seasoned Client Services Executive who is passionate about employee and customer engagement (and how they relate). She has a track record of success in building and leading global teams of Services professionals and guiding them to sell, design, implement and operationalise enterprise-wide customer experience solutions that drive business and organisational improvements.

#CustomerService100 finalists announced!
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I am honoured to be included amongst such esteemed company. Making the Top 100 is one thing but making it to number 15 is making me blush :) Thank you.

Sandra Busby
Sandra Busby

Thank you, I echo everyone else's thoughts (master of the retweet) congratulations to all on the list for keeping #customerservice at the heart of everything we do.


Thank you! I'm so honoured to be on this list with so many pros I consider friends and mentors.

Greg Levin
Greg Levin

I would have been truly honored and grateful just to have made it onto this list of contact center and customer service/experience stars. To have somehow made my way into the top 3 is something I will cherish.


Very proud to be include in this list. This has also highlighted some great new customer service experts that I am looking forward to following and learning from!


The top 4 seem to have descending hair lengths, in order. Very nice. I'm sure that had nothing to do with the order! What a great list, and what a fantastic title Shep Hyken has: Chief Amazement Officer. Love it!


Congratulations to everyone on the Top 100 list and to everyone that takes time to share their #custserv knowledge and thoughts. It is an honor to be included on such an auspiciius group. I recognize a number of old friends on the list and a number of new folks that I will begin to follow.


Thank you for the nomination and recognition. Customer service, especially in a social context, is constantly changing and what better way to keep in the loop than through a real time social network such as Twitter and following the above list of people :)


Thank you! As many have already said, this is truly an honor. This is an impressive group and I look forward to continuing to learn from all of you.


What a privilege to be listed among these customer service leaders. Thank you all for what you do every day to keep the focus of businesses where it should be: On customers. My very best to you all, and to ICMI for shining a light on customer service.


It's such a privilege to be an advocate for the customer AND the contact center. We help make the experience better for all sides, and that in turn improves our brands, our jobs, and frankly our attitudes. You all are a motivating force and I plan to add some ‘follows’ to my reading list soon!


Congratulations to all. Well done and I'm honored to be in your company.


Thank you, thank you! I am so honored to be a part of this list and to be among so many brilliant and respected experts in this space. Congratulations to everyone.


It is a great honour to be associated with this amazing group of customer service leaders, lovers and innovators. I've had the pleasure of connecting with many on this list but there are so many more I will be getting to know and follow in the future. Thank you for counting me among you.


This work is such a joy...and to be a part of this list a tremendous gift and honor. I am proud to be among all these folks who I admire. THANK YOU!

Shep Hyken
Shep Hyken

Thank you for the tremendous honor of being on this list of amazing customer service experts. I’m flattered and truly thankful for your recognition. All of the people on the list have a mutual passion for taking care of customers, and we can learn much from them. Thank you again!

Luke Bilton
Luke Bilton

What a inspirational list! I've added most of you now.


Great List - I'm Pleased that I follow a lot of you! Congrats to you all!

Lara Doyle
Lara Doyle

Congratulations to everyone who made it onto this list! It was very tough to sort through the excellent nominations. It's especially exciting to see some fresh young faces in the top 20 along with the giants!

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