How do you handle high-maintenance employees?

We all have at least one of them – a high-maintenance employee who performs well, but is difficult to manage. So how does one go about handling them?

Welcome to our weekly Customer Service Clinic where the community will try to help you solve your problems!

One of our readers, Janine, has put the following to us and she would love your feedback:

“We have a member of staff who consistently over-achieves on his targets and brings in great business. Sounds amazing, right? Well, it would be, except that Simon is exceptionally high-maintenance, and our team leaders are at a loss as how to manage him.

Because Simon is so driven and finds it easy to achieve his targets he often finds it difficult to concentrate on tasks for long periods of time, and goes about disrupting his colleagues. He demands a lot of attention from his colleagues and managers and yet he is unwilling to be a team player.

We have tried upping Simon’s targets but this has only served to demotivate him and we are unwilling to give him any managerial responsibilities until he has matured emotionally.

We don’t want to lose him as a member of staff, but we are at a complete loss as to how we should manage his growth and development in our contact centre. Does anyone have any suggestions?”

What do you think Janine should do?

Do you think this is a matter of incentives, coaching or engagement? And at what point will Simon’s attitude start to become a burden on his team?

Help Janine out by leaving your suggestions in the comments below and we will reward the answer that Janine likes best with a £25 Amazon gift voucher.

Lara Doyle

Lara Doyle

Senior Content Manager, UBM

Lara Doyle is’s Senior Content Manager responsible for sourcing, writing, editing content for the site as well as facilitating the Contact Centre & Customer Service Community. When Lara isn’t working on the website, she is visiting contact centres and talking to managers and team leaders about their successes and challenges. She also spends a lot of her time talking to global industry experts about their opinions and expertise. She takes time out of her busy schedule to host and participate in industry networking events and as a judge of the European Call Centre & Customer Service Awards. Lara obtained a BA in English and History from the University of Cape Town and a BSc in Communication Science from the University of South Africa. After graduating she travelled extensively before embarking on her Editorial career during which she has worked on everything from travel magazines, text books, medical journals and now the call centre!

April 18, 2013

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