How HP/Intel made $1 billion through gamification

Hewlett Packard (HP) were able to achieve over $1 billion of revenue growth after investing in a new online portal that takes a gaming and rewards approach to selling.

Speaking at Call Centre Expo, Dan Kelly from Corporate Rewards explained how gamification was used as a way of engaging HP’s resellers.

Called ‘Project Everest’ HP and Corporate Rewards built an online platform that offers resellers rewards for selling HP’s ISS & ESS products.

The website is game-based, with e-learning and rewards schemes integrated into a seller’s profile – visualised with avatars who quite literally ‘climb’ the sales mountain.

The star prize was the holiday of a lifetime to each of the three target groups, but all of the resellers are offered rewards such as TV’s, discounted and iPads and music.

The platform literally has a pacman-style game and online scratchcards – it’s a fundamental shift towards gaming. The tagline reads: “Win prizes for yourself and your sales team!”

Impressive results

The results were in the first three months for Peak to Peak were impressive:

  • 950 sales people out of possible 1200 registered (80%)
  • We aimed for 50% of revenue growth – achieved 56.4%
  • $1bn revenue growth for HP in first three months of 2011/12
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October 3, 2012

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