Enterprise Rent-A-Car seizes homeworking opportunities in the UK

Homeworking is being implemented across UK contact centres in order to deliver real business benefits and boost employee engagement. Here's how Enterprise Rent-A-Car did it.

What the real Mad Men can teach us about customer service

Advances in technology are changing the way customer communications, interactions and experiences are delivered. Therefore, what can the contact centre learn from the 1960's classic Mad Men?

Top 5 unexpected tips for better call centre workforce management

Workforce management is vital for any contact centre looking to optimise their staff planning. Here are the top 5 unexpected tips from industry experts.

Employee engagement and retention strategies: “You can’t just say it. Demonstrate it”

Dream Manager’s Mike Greatwood on strategies for employee engagement and retention and not just paying lip service.

How to build a customer-centric culture

Truly be of service to your customers: 6 expert tips for implementing digital transformation and promoting a customer-centric culture at your organisation

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a customer experience champion

According to PeopleTECH, only 16% of FTSE companies have a customer experience champion at board level. Should there be more customer-focused superheroes out there?

Can you hear the people sing? Voice of the Customer strategy in 2016

It’s definitely still a thing: Voice of the Customer strategy has been around for a while, but where does it currently stand?

Maintaining data visibility in an omni-channel world

2015 will be remembered as a defining period in the transformation to omni-channel contact centres.

Customer service predictions for 2016

Throughout 2015, organisations aspired to improving their customer experience and technical support across multiple channels; what trends will shape 2016?

North Ayrshire County Council: Excellent customer service in the face of austerity

Councils across the United Kingdom have little choice but to deal with the realities of budget cuts and the impact that this will have on their customer service.

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